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Insect & Grub Control

Bugs are an integral part of our ecosystem and are part of our everyday life, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be bugging you. We can help you with our pest control treatment. Our maximum defense treatment stops these uninvited guests before they get the chance to get through your door. This will eliminate any need to use pesticides inside your home.

This treatment protects against many different insects, including fleas, ants, crickets, centipedes and spiders.

Grubs are the larva of Japanese Beetles and June Beetles. The life cycle of a grub will take it to different depths in your lawn’s soil during different seasons of the year. Grubs are easiest to control just after they have hatched and when they are in their earliest stages of maturity (generally in June) because that is when they are closest to the top layer of soil. They are also easier to control at this stage because they are more susceptible to insecticides. As they age, they burrow deeper into the soil, becoming more resistant to any treatments. Grubs left untreated feed on and survive off of the roots of healthy grass and other plants destroying their root system and causing devastating damage to your turf.

Cold weather does not kill of these pests. Instead, they burrow deep into the ground and hibernate. When spring comes, they awaken from their dormant stages and begin feeding again. Since they have had no food over the winter, their appetites are much bigger, thus causing more damage.

Unfortunately, any signs of white grubs are usually seen only after the damage has been done. Signs of this are brown spots in your yard, and a soft, spongy feel to your lawn. If your lawn is heavily infested with grub worms, your grass may take on a yellowish tint.