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Core Aeration

Core aeration is a fundamental step in having a healthy, beautiful lawn. Many of our yards are growing on land that has been stripped of its important topsoil, making it difficult for grass to grow due to lack of nutrients.

So what is lawn aeration and how does it work? By definition, aerate means “to supply with air or expose to the circulation of air”. This is done by taking 2-3 inch plugs, or “cores”, from your sod and depositing them on your yard. The natural microbes that live in the soil feed on thatch, so by depositing them on the surface of your yard, they are forced to feed on the thatch from the top down. By doing this, however, you do not eliminate the need for dethatching come spring. The holes created in this process are not only beneficial because they allow air and water to circulate better, but because the grass roots are able to grow into that open area. As the roots of your grass grow and branch out further, they establish a better and stronger root system.

As said previously, core aeration is a step in creating a thriving lawn. Core aeration is best done in the fall, and largely complimented by dethatching in the springtime.